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Teaching dancing and drumming in the schools provides students with an incredible multicultural experience. Learning about African culture through interactive lessons has a profound effect on the students. Learn more about this program.



Master Dance Classes

Master dance classes begin with a 20-minute warmup. Traditional West African dance steps will be broken down to accommodate all levels and abilities. Live drumming. Students will learn the dance name and its place of origin.

DRUMMING workshops

Master drum classes enable students to learn basic, traditional West African rhythms. They will learn the drum name and its place of origin.We provided: African dance/drum workshops, master class, lecture/demonstration included performances.


The artist will share his culture with the students, including the history of dance, drum and mask along with providing demonstrations of dance and drum. 
Students will be able to ask questions at the end of the lecture.

Comments from students who participated in one of Biboti’s lecture/demonstrations at Syracuse University:

“I rate the overall presentation and presenter as ‘Excellent +++.’ I learned a lot about the Ivory Coast and its traditions, and that different dances mean different things. The energy and excitement Biboti displayed about what he was teaching was refreshing. I would love to do this all over again.”

“I recommend this presentation to other universities because it’s important to learn about music and dance from a professional, indigenous African.”

“It gave me a great awareness of African culture and a part of my own history.”

“I believe this presentation is worth repeating because it teaches students about different cultures, while at the same time involving a fun, integrated aspect.”

“Biboti did a great job. I wish it could have lasted longer!”

“It gives a more visual and hands-on view of the music in Africa.”

“It was excellent. I learned that the way people dance is different depending on where they are from in Africa, along with the importance of the drum and dance in African culture.”

“Biboti’s presentation was amazing. It was a very good experience!”

“The presentation teaches us a lot about African culture and it gives us the opportunity to learn in a different way besides lectures.”’

“It was fun and informative. He is a great presenter. It was a very good experience for me.”


Performances vary in length and are customized based upon the school’s request. Performances include traditional African dance, drum, song, story and the audience participation just to have fun. They are educational, energetic, athletic and incredibly entertaining.

“Biboti Ouikahilo and the Wacheva Dance Company provided the students (and staff) of our school with an engaging and educational performance… Students were mesmerized by the high-energy music of Biboti and his fellow musicians. The African dancing demonstrated by Biboti and members of the Wacheva Dance Company exuded the joy and human spirit one might imagine seeing in a celebration in his native Ivory Coast… The cultural context of various songs and dances were shared with the audience and provided students with a basic understanding of how music and dance played an integral part of African society… A month later students are still happily recalling the performance. Thank you for a wonderful and unique show!
– Teacher at Onondaga Middle School

Community Events

Wacheva is proud to be active in the Syracuse community. We are happy to provide drum concerts and dance and drum performances at events around the community. Please contact us for more information.

About our African dance and drum group

Our performances and team-building exercises are also ideal for:

  • Churches
  • Nonprofits
  • Community groups
  • Colleges and universities
  • Businesses (e.g., staff retreats)
  • Athletic and creative arts organizations seeking cross-training opportunities

Wacheva Cultural Arts dance group consists of many dancers and drummers based in Syracuse, NYS and USA.

The group performs with local dancers at various Schools, from K-12 colleges, Universities, and other organizations events, and offers all types of African dancing, drumming, and song performances.

The group is able to provide highly dynamic, energic and multifaceted traditional performances that include professional African’s performers living here in USA.

Our performance concludes with an invitation and demonstration for the audience to dance and experience some of our movements.

For school groups students will have time to ask questions to the performers.

Biboti Ouikahilo artistic director and the group exude the joy and human Spirit one might imagine seeing in a celebration in his native Ivory Coast and Africa.