Meet Our Teacher

Biboti Ouikahilo


Artistic & Executive Directors of Wacheva dance & drum ensemble: 2004-Present

Biboti Ouikahilo was born in the Kouetinfla Progouri Central West region of the Ivory Coast, West Africa. In December of 1980, Biboti began his professional dance, drum and choreography career with the prominent Ivory Coast National Dance & Drum Company. Touring throughout the world provided Biboti with the opportunity to share his talents in a number of countries such as, Morocco, Germany, Belgium, England, France, Yugoslavia, Italy, Kenya, Spain, Benin, and Mexico.

In 1997, after spending 17 years with the National Dance & Drum Company, Biboti came to the United States and paired up with other artists to create Africa Azolou, a celebratory show of Africa, Brazil and the United States. The success of the company brought the show to Ohio, Chicago and New York City.

New York City became the homeland for his West African teaching styles and techniques. Biboti taught for 6 years at the renowned Djoniba Dance and Drum Center, as well as Abizaid Studio and Lehman College. He worked with young children at Ifetayo Cultural Arts, in Brooklyn, NY. Biboti was also chosen as a lead African drummer for the Jimmy Buffett Summer Tour in 2000-2001. The West African dancer, drummer and choreographer continued to express his artistic abilities in 2002, when he traveled to Hawaii to participate in the Hollywood film “Tears of the Sun,” starring Bruce Willis.

In July, 2003, Biboti moved to Syracuse, NY, where he currently shares his artistic talents with the Central New York community through workshops, classes, performances and lecture/demonstrations. In 1994, Biboti founded Wacheva Cultural Arts in Ivory Coast; in 2004, he revived the organization in Syracuse; and in 2008, Wacheva became incorporated and received a not-for-profit status. In September 2009, Wacheva opened Wacheva Dance and Drum Studio where you can see kids, adults, different cultures, religions, and ethnicities under same roof. ”It is the place for dance and drum in Central New York.”

In his Word he said : “Since modernization has emerged in our cultures, today African dance and drum is recognized internationally as the first manifestation of African culture.

It’s a profound display of the body, as well as a means of expression from the deepest place within one’s being. So for me I want to be able today to share the joy of this culture among other institutions through the classes and stage from children, parents, families and community members of all backgrounds like it happens in my village. And also as a way to unify people of all societies, religions, culturels and even politics.”                                                                                                                     

Artistic Directors of Wacheva dance & drum ensemble: 2004-Present    
Ivory Coast National company of dance                                                                                                     
Trained professionally as a dancer and drummer
Performed, trained dancers and choreographed pieces — toured throughout Ex-Yugoslavia, Mexico, Morocco, Belgium, East & West Germany, France, Kenya, Italy, England, Spain, Benin, Togo, and Martinique etc!

In the Central New York Colleges and Universities

Syracuse University, Ithaca College, Canisius College, Hamilton College, Cazenovia College, SUNY Cortland State College, SUNY Oswego State, Onondaga Community College, Finger lakes Community College, North Country Community College, Saranac Lake Community College, Elmira College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Jefferson Community College, Lehman College, Wells College, LeMoyne College, Utica College, Hudson Valley Community College. Keuka College, Wells College and beyond the State, and Buffalo University.

Elementary – High School

Onondaga Hill Middle School, Stonehedge Elementary School, Gillette Road Middle School, Danforth Middle School, Deryder Elementary School, Fitzugh Elementary School, Kingsford Park School, Union Springs Middle School, Driden Elementary School, Millard Hawk Primary School, West Genesee High School, New Haven Elementary School, Granby Elementary School, Lanigan Elementary School, Onondaga Road Elementary School, Madison Central School, Utica Central Schools, Syracuse Montessori School, Clinton Central Schools, Syracuse Latin elementary School with YMCA organization, Maple Hill Elementary School, William A Carter elementary School and beyond the State.

Community Venues

Oswego Harborfest, NYS Fair, Ithaca Festival, Westcott Cultural Fair, Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival, Open Hand Theatre, Onondaga Dance Institute, Mayfest, Juneteenth, Everson Museum of Art, Utica Dance Academy, Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Rae’s Institute of Dance & Movement, Island Health & Fitness, Sacketts Harbor, Dance Arts Center, Utica Dance Works Studio, Stone Quarry Art Park

Wacheva Dance, & DrumEnsemble Syracuse, NY

Director, producer, choreographer, dancer, Mask dancer and drummer
Kotchegna Dance Company New York, NY                                                                                      
2000 to 2003
African dancer, drummer and Mask dancer
Jimmy Buffet Tour United States                                                                                                                               6/00 to 09/01
Toured as leader of African Drummers for Jimmy Buffet’s Summer Tour
“Tears of the Sun” Honolulu, HI                                                                                                                        4/02 to 07/02
Acted in a Hollywood film starring Bruce Willis
Wacheva Dance, & Drum Ensemble Syracuse, NY
2004 to present
Africa Azolou Indianapolis, Indiana                                                                                                          08/97 to 11/97
Ivory Coast National Dance Company West Africa                                                                                               01/95 to 01/97
Wacheva Dance Company West Africa                                                                                                                   07/94 to 12/95
Ivory Coast National Ballet International Tour                                                                                        
Syracuse University: Music Beyond Borders (annual show who bring together all the SU students’ artists from everywhere in the World.
Syracuse University Syracuse, NY
Dr. Carol Barbiracky class,
Dr. Eleene Stremple class
Dr. Bile Cole class
Dr. Sydney Jane Hutchinson class.
Dr. Danielle Brown class
August 2008, Biboti’s and Jill has led a 4000 square foot building stood derelict for more than 15 years to renovate and made it into the dance studio.
2012 become US Citizens and he was the keno speaker for the ceremony
Excellent teaching ability.