Welcome to Wacheva Cultural Arts, Inc

Central New York’s premiere multicultural dance and drum organization, located in Syracuse, NY.

In response to concerns regarding COVID-19, our class is canceled until further notice.

On behalf of the Wacheva organization, I just want to say that your Health and Safety is a Top Priority.
And for our safety prevention, we postpone our program. Class, workshops and performances until a future date to be determined.

(March 14, 2021, A Glimmer of Hope? Yes, March 14 it is this Sunday.

I say this because this Sunday, March 14 begins Daylight-saving time in New York. So, this COINCIDENCE of Daylight-saving time 2021 on the same date of March 14, 2020 which I call “March 14, a date to never forget”, inspires me to say a “sign of hope” to get back to our normal life? (No more darkness to come?)

But, why March 14, 2020 a date to never forget Biboti?

It was on this day for the first time that in one of Wacheva’s programs, we decided to stop all our programs for the moment. Because the virus was raging in its path and people were afraid to come out. And little by little, yes, little by little, the information grew and became true and very serious. Unfortunately, when the fact turned out to be true, it became very worrying and became (COVID-19)

Yes, March 14, 2020, a date to remember in the Wacheva organization.

As a result, all of our annual school and community programs have been canceled. (Workshops, performances, regular classes, Lecture demonstrations, Artist-in-residence and more… Yes, little by little all have been canceled)

Because all of our programs are connected with the public.

{The purpose of our program in the school classroom, dance studio, festivals, community centers and more.}

Bringing our program on stage and in the classroom gives us the opportunity to express its meaning in the traditional form, which is movement with the drum, but also allows us to share its story orally through lectures.

Where this Brings cultural history to life, turning students into participants, rather than spectators. Where we are also able to give context around what the audience or the observer is witnessing. Where we are able to share its meaning and purpose in a way that allows them to see the unifying force of this art form on stage and in the classroom. 

And also, not only because this expression of art and culture provides students with an incredible multicultural experience, but creates a vibrant, diverse and powerful inner community that infuses its outer community with creative and positive energy.

Because we believe that the integration of each culture from around the world, without

discrimination, will contribute for the betterment of the cultural world.

So, could we see the sunrise over the new Joe & Harris administration to get back to our normal lives? “in this darkness where there is a huge fire that has broken out and is ravaging its entire passage across the entire world?”

Let’s hope and believe. Because this “COVID-19” will be DEFEATED.)

Please stay Safe & Tuned.
Thank you for your understanding
Peace, Love, Unity, Hope Believe (PLUHB)




Our New Location: Zoned: Industrial:

Address: 6181 Thompson Road
Suite 101 Syracuse, NY 13206

Situated just south of Carrier Circle and Exit 35 off the NYS Thruway. Minutes from I-690, I-481 and I-81.
Less than (5) miles to Downtown Syracuse and Hancock International Airport.
After James St & Thompson Rd bridge, “DO NOT pass Byrne and Deli Gas station.

Turn at your left side of the gas station. You will see a building saying HOFFMAN just take the road between Hoffman and you will see “Life Force Sanctuary Parking sign, go straight and continue to go straight you will see the parking lot.